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Driving System


178E2-60501,181E2-60501,181E2-60552,181E2-60641: VTM Board

SKU : 178E2-60501
$13.25 - $70.00

24-36V/200A: Drive Controller

SKU : 24-36V/200A
$265.00 - $1,050.00

1205M-5601: Drive Controller

SKU : 1205M-5601
$265.00 - $1,050.00

1219-8406: Drive Controller

SKU : 1219-8406
$265.00 - $1,050.00

H2B420A/48V(A4H248): Drive Controller

SKU : H2B420A/48V(A4H248)
$265.00 - $1,050.00

H2B600A/48V(A4H268): Drive Controller

SKU : H2B600A/48V(A4H268)
$265.00 - $1,050.00

1243-4320: Drive Controller

SKU : 1243-4320
$265.00 - $1,050.00

H2B600A/80V(A8H268): Drive Controller

SKU : H2B600A/80V(A8H268)
$265.00 - $1,050.00

ACS4815-G00: Drive Controller

SKU : ACS4815-G00
$265.00 - $1,050.00

1230-2402: Drive Controller

SKU : 1230-2402
$265.00 - $1,050.00

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As the industry’s first domestic and world ranking fifth online forklift parts store, Motofork Auto Parts, was founded in 2018 and headquartered in Dubai. At present, it has more than 100 direct service hubs in major industrial cities in UAE, and operates and manages over 27000 on-site logistics equipment. The company is an on-site logistics equipment operation and management company driven by Internet of things innovation and digitization. It mainly provides one-stop service for industrial and logistics enterprises to lease, repair and sell complete machines and accessories. Relying on the rich experience accumulated in the field logistics equipment industry for a long time, the company actively cultivates and guides the industrial and logistics enterprises to obtain the use right of on-site logistics equipment through the way of “renting and purchasing”, and finally realizes the mode innovation and the deep integration of traditional industry and new technology. With the online intelligent management platform driven by innovation and digitization of the Internet of things, as well as the offline marketing service network system composed of more than 100 service outlets all over the country, the business model of “Online + offline” service for b-end enterprises has been truly established, the supply, allocation and life cycle management of assets have been optimized, and the efficiency, quality and power changes of upstream and downstream have been continuously promoted To create a domestic leading B2B logistics and industrial equipment high-dimensional sharing ecological platform.

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